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Sea Moss
please call/text us for orders at 727-247-3928


Sea Moss is vitamin-rich and contains 90% of nutrients our bodies need. Sea moss has 92 of the 102 minerals the body is made from & needs daily!

 (eucheuma cottonii)

Anti-Inflammatory - potassium chloride & omega-3 break phlegm

Brain Development - folate & zinc for cell growth

➢ EYE HEALTH - Beta-carotene TO help reduce the oxidative stress                              THAT GETS puts on our eyes

Diabetes - regulate blood pressure thru ridding mucus

➢ Digestive Support - soothing affect on mucus membrane

Energy - vitamins B & iodine content boost metabolism

Hair, Skin, & Nails - amino & folic acid for fast healthy growth

Immune System - antiviral & antimicrobial to fight infection

Joint & Tissue Health - sulfur to sooth soft tissue & mobility

Libido - zinc promotes stamina & blood circulation

Mental Stability - potassium to maintain emotional stability

Respiratory Health, Asthma - iron to carry oxygen, blood flow

Thyroid Support - selenium & iodine to regulate hormone balance

Weight Management - fiber absorbs water & gives fullness  

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