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About Us


Conscious Waves Wellness started off in 2018 as just sea moss but has blossomed into so much more! Conscious Waves Wellness is a platform for SELF-LOVE! We offer herbal powder mixtures, self-care products, herbal teas, cacao and lifestyle coaching with personalized "nourishment" plans! we are most certainly known for our top quality authentic wild-crafted Jamaican SEA MOSS! Alot of people these days are hoping on the sea moss surf board, riding the waves of conscious wellness, both as consumers and retailers. What makes our sea moss stand out though is our quality, variety and the deep gratitude, loving intentions & passion that goes into every single bag or jar of sea moss made! The mantra of Conscious Waves Wellness is, "DISCIPLINE WILL SET YOU FREE"....and to arrive at the gates of discipline you must walk together with patience on the road of consistency......when we choose what's best for us & what we actually need for our GROWTH we are ultimately helping those around us & leading by an energetic example of SELF LOVE, therefore helping the collective consciousness RISE....
We all rise together.
We are all threads of the same cosmic pull one thread it effects other parts of the sweater.


Self-love is a bridge!


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